author. designer. builder. sailor.



DON DELUCA has been messing around in boats on Narragansett Bay since about age ten. Some of his earliest memories are of pedaling his bicycle to boat yards to indulge his fascination with boat building, or sailing with his friends well beyond where he supposes their parents thought they’d gone.

He expanded his exploration of the New England coast through varsity sailing at Brown University, and made his first trip across the Atlantic at age 19. Graduate school at RISD launched him into industrial design and the inventing life. Ocean sailing remained a passion throughout years of design management for corporations including Hasbro and Bic.

These days, he enjoys solitary ocean rowing, creating in his shop, and writing. He expects he’ll always be messing about in boats, grateful for the independent spirit and appreciation of the ocean aesthetic instilled in him during those childhood summers in Newport.

His first novel, THE SHIPMATE, debuts Spring 2018.





Sam Delano, toy designer and occasional boat captain, has the nagging sense that something is missing from his comfortable existence in seaside Newport, Rhode Island.

Sandi Evarts, marine biologist and environmental writer, is comfortably ensconced in her solo life in Belfast, Maine.

When an unexpected bequest causes their paths to cross, Sam and Sandi discover they have an unlikely dream in common…and maybe more than enough shared passion and skill to make that dream a reality.

But are they building a schooner together—or a life? And will either be strong enough to weather the treacherous waters ahead?

Coming from NEAP TIDE PRESS in Spring 2018.






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